We help international energy-intensive industries gain European entry and achieve market success by organizing access to sites and resources in the energy region of south-west Norway.

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How we help

NEW KAUPANG invites companies to establish their energy intensive business in Norway, utilizing modern technology and sustainable natural resources, as well as a business culture that welcomes international entry into the Nordics. Our mission is to help international energy intensive industries gain European and Norwegian entry and achieve market success through easy access to sites and needed infrastructure.

NEW KAUPANG is fully funded by government organizations, gathering key stakeholders from throughout the value chain in an efficient network to ensure quick, easy and reliable establishment into South-West Norway, the Nordics and Europe.

THE NEW KAUPANG team offers investment support, industry analytics, marketing support, project management, financial & incentives support, as well as 10+ plug-and-play sites with Europe’s greenest and least expensive energy. 

SITE OWNERS: We believe that market-driven mindsets and cross-disciplinary partnerships provide the basis for growth. We welcome all new partners who wish to join the journey.

NEW CLIENTS: We provide market insight, site selection services, access to stakeholders and process support related to establishing Norwegian entry for energy-intensive businesses.

If you would like to explore what our region has to offer your company - please contact us to set up an initial meeting. 

Ryfylkevegen 7040
4130 Hjelmeland

Contact Ketil Barkved:
+47 917 66 096